Welcome to a transformative workshop series focused on personal storytelling and self-reflection. Led by artist Ishtar, this collective process aims to shape a visual language for the group, allowing individuals to bring forth their unique narratives.

Life's events, both joyful and challenging, contribute to our identity.
This workshop encourages contemplation of personal stories, offering a perspective that helps appreciate the formative aspects of our experiences. Regardless of the nature of these events, they hold potential for transformation, fostering resilience.

Ishtar, with a foundation in visual storytelling, creates a safe space for participants to explore their stories through illustration, self-reflection, and shared experiences. The workshop series includes recurring sessions where painting, illustration, and collective exploration of visual forms take place. Themes revolve around personal experiences, memories, and dreams.

The process culminates in the composition of a collective piece, showcasing the individual artworks created during the workshops. The final result can take various forms, such as a mural painting, exhibition, or other expressive mediums. Join us in this intentional and flexible workshop series, where artistic expression becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery and collective empowerment.

Embark on a transformative journey in personal storytelling and artistic expression with Ishtars workshop series. Led by Ishtar, these workshops are offered internationally in Swedish, Finnish, and English. For more information and to join, reach out at ishtarbacklund@gmail.com.

Discover the power of collective storytelling and self-expression – your story matters.

ishtarbacklund@gmail.com      ︎ishtiish
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ishtarbacklund@gmail.com      ︎ishtiish
Ishtar Bäcklund Dakhil © 2023 - All Rights Reserved