Ishtar Bäcklund Dakhil is a multi-disciplinary artist from Sweden who spent five years on the road before attending Konstfack - University of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm. During her travels she compeated and explored the world through her passion for downhill skateboarding while also leaving traces of art along her adventures.   

“I'm a creative individual who loves to travel, skateboard, draw and create with the flow of inspiration from the now. I believe that there are no real coincidence, but life unfolding exactly in the pace we are ready to grow with. Inspiration are messages from our higher self communicating through us, and through gratitude I gladly follow with my work.”

Selected Clients:                                    Education:
Honolulu Weekly                                   Wendela Habbe
Bustin Boards                                        Gymnasiet, Bild&Form
Fibretec Skateboards                           2007-2010
Motion Boardshop                                Konstfack BA Graphic
Daddies                                                  Design & Illustration
Concrete Wave                                      2016-2019
Kuya Longbaords                                 
Goat Longbaords                                  California College of
Rörstrand                                                the Arts ( CCA )2018
Chrisitian Scott